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Sad story here !! This older lady and three other dogs were left with us when their owner passed awa...

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Below is our latest news and the events which are planned at the moment. These events are a very important part of our charity. All monies raised go directly towards the upkeep of the dogs and helps to ensure that the Second Chance Kennels are maintained adequately for the job. We hold regular fundraising events and always welcome new ideas and/or helpers. If you think you can help in any way with our events, please contact us.

Burns Pet Nutrition Ayrshire. >>
Posted: 15th February 2013

We would like to send our sincere thanks to Burns Pet Nutrition Ayrshire for being so kind and donating so many bags of Burns dog food to us. This is really so very much appreciated and we thank you for thinking of Second Chance Kennels and the dogs love it !!

Anne & George >>
Posted: 8th February 2013

This lovely couple Anne & George came along to the kennels today with £225-00 that had been raised on the Saltire Rig way out in the north sea. This is the second time the guys on the rig have done this for us and it is really very much appreciated and it was lovely to see them again, although I can never tempt them with a dog ! well they already have three. The guys on the rig used to listen to us on Kingdom Fm but something has happened and now they listen to BBC Radio 2. Thanks very much again everyone.

Ena & Frank x.

Anne & George
Broadley Vets Stirling Donations >>
Posted: 3rd February 2013

It was a good day for us when we met these girls, how it happened was we had a Rottie in the kennels who had a really really sore ear, he had been tied to the gate at the kennels and Wendy and Cath recognised him when they saw him on our web site. They were the only vet who were willing to treat him at that time as he was such a monster at the vets.But brilliant in every other way.

This is Cath Raw & Wendy Scott from Broadley Vets in Stirling, they came along today Sunday 3rd February. They brought with them dog food vet bed treats ect. and a cheque for £325-00 thank you so very much everyone who helped.

Ena & Frank xx


Broadley Vets Stirling Donations
Donation. >>
Posted: 1st February 2013

Donation of £200-00 made at Kirkcaldy Crematoriun in memory of Izzy Downie, thanks to all who attended her funeral.This is Izzy she loved dogs and this is her with Polly one of her niece's dogs.

New E-Mail >>
Posted: 27th January 2013

We have moved our ISP and because of this our old e-mail address doesn't work anymore, if you need to contact us now go to our E-mail us page by clicking here

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

3rd Year Kirkcaldy High School. >>
Posted: 23rd January 2013

Mrs Brewster and Miss Downie along with pupils from her class, Sarah, John, Gemma, Chloe and Danielle along with one of our volunteers Carol Polson did a sponsored walk over the Forth Road Bridge. They raised £110-00 frojm the school and Carol raised £65-00. Thank you all so very very much it really is appreciated and will help the dogs at the kennels.Bailey our first Christmas puppy is also featured in the photo's. Accepting the cheque on behalf of Second Chance is another of our vounteers Sarah Murray.

3rd Year Kirkcaldy High School.  3rd Year Kirkcaldy High School.
Ryan & Max >>
Posted: 26th December 2012

We had visitors over Christmas, this is Ryan our grandson and his puppy ( WHO WASN'T A CHRISTMAS PUPPY ) Max will be 14 weeks old on Saturday and is going to be a big lad.Do you think the love of dogs runs in our family !!!! Don't you just love his ears !!

Ryan & Max  Ryan & Max
Margaret Thomson >>
Posted: 21st December 2012

Well Margaret Thomson from Tealing Dog Training Club arrived at the kennels yesterday with her car packed with goodies from all the people who go to her training classes. We can't thank them enough this is a few years Margarert has been doing this now and we really do appreciate it. Once again Many Thanks.

If your in the Dundee area and looking for good training classes you can give Margaret a call on 01382 380322. She does puppy classes and adult classes.


This is Margaret with Alfie x

Margaret Thomson
Donations !! >>
Posted: 16th December 2012

We at Second Chance would like to thank most sincerely everyone who have come along and donated food / blankets cheques ect. and to the chap who is doing without christmas presents this year and donating his christmas money to the kennels, hope he has a great christmas. Many many thanks again to everyone.


Ena & Frank.

Brownies visit. >>
Posted: 15th December 2012

2nd Cowdenbeath Brownie Pack.

The above brownies brought along loads of dog food for the kennels thanks to all who donated food toys ect. much appreciated.

Brownies visit.
Dunnikier Primary School. >>
Posted: 29th November 2012

Primary 7 Dunnikier School, had a cake sale and raised £50-00 for us here at Second Chance thank you very much, which was really nice of them.People are so kind and we do appreciate everything.

Ena & Frank x.

Alfie & Friends. >>
Posted: 29th November 2012

We had visitors today from the Bridges Centre ( School ) Fife Pupil Support ServiceWith Staff Lucy Kreczak and Kathleen Murphy with pupils Jamie Lee Neil / Rebecca Masters & Lewis Currie. Who came along donated £50-00 and lots of dog food to the kennels. We appreciate this very much and it was very kind of you to think of Second Chance. This is the pupils with Alfie our Rottie boy and one with Kate who belongs to Yvonne one of our voulunteers.

Ena & Frank x

Alfie & Friends.  Alfie & Friends.
Had to share wee Louis 's pics !!with him in the toy box. He is on Homeless Hounds !! >>
Posted: 12th November 2012

This is Loui in his favourite place, along with a pal !!!

Had to share wee Louis 's pics !!with him in the toy box. He is on Homeless Hounds !!  Had to share wee Louis 's pics !!with him in the toy box. He is on Homeless Hounds !!
Had to share wee Louis 's pics !!with him in the toy box. He is on Homeless Hounds !!  Had to share wee Louis 's pics !!with him in the toy box. He is on Homeless Hounds !!
We had a visiting witch !!! >>
Posted: 31st October 2012


We had a visiting witch !!!  We had a visiting witch !!!
Michelle / Shaun with Bracken. >>
Posted: 28th October 2012

Michelle and Shaun very kindly did a cycle run from Fife to Glasgow and very kindly donated £100-00 to us. Thank you very much. Bracken who is a Second Chance boy, stayed at home by the fire. Thanks again and well done x

Michelle / Shaun with Bracken.
FOR SALE !!!!! >>
Posted: 24th October 2012


£400-00 ONO.

CONTACT NUMBER 07926504597.

Nice work if you can get it !!! >>
Posted: 7th October 2012

So this what our volunteers do when they're not helping us !!!!!

Yvonne thank you very much for doing the talk for the children at Torbain Sunday School, they all came up today to present us with cheque for £150-00 which was greatly appreciated and of course meet some of our residents. thanks to all who donated.

Ena & Frank x

Nice work if you can get it !!!  Nice work if you can get it !!!
Posted: 17th September 2012

This is Reynard sunning his / her self in Ian's garden.How cute is this,wonder what Roxy and Zara would make of the wee fox.Obviously enjoying the sun.Hope you gave the wee thing something nice to eat Ian xxx

Kris Hogg from Fife Flyers visits kennels. >>
Posted: 6th September 2012

We had a lovely surprise today we had a visit from Kris Hogg from The Fife Flyers. He came up to see the dogs,I asked him what his favourite breed was and he said Border Collie's, and it just so happened we had Bonzo in the kennels. Kris took him down RavensCraig Park for a lovely walk which was enjoyed very much by both parties. Bonzo's background you can read about on Homeless Hounds .

Thanks again very much Kris for taking the time to come and walk Bonzo.

In the photo with Kris apart from myself, is Kayleigh Murray who is a a great fan of Fife Flyers as are her family.She was so excited to meet Kris, also in the pic is wee Kai a Lhasa x Shih Tzu xx

Kris Hogg from Fife Flyers visits kennels.
Asda Glenrothes. >>
Posted: 11th August 2012

We are delighted to say we were the winners of their charity competition. We would like to thank everyone who voted for us we received a cheque for 200-00 which will go a long way to help our work here at the kennels. In the photograph with us is Sarah and her mum. Thanks go to Sarah for putting us through for this.

Asda Glenrothes.
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