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Orla xx

Sad story here !! This older lady and three other dogs were left with us when their owner passed awa...

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Below is our latest news and the events which are planned at the moment. These events are a very important part of our charity. All monies raised go directly towards the upkeep of the dogs and helps to ensure that the Second Chance Kennels are maintained adequately for the job. We hold regular fundraising events and always welcome new ideas and/or helpers. If you think you can help in any way with our events, please contact us.

Nanook and her dad Charlie xx >>
Posted: 2nd October 2015

Just had to share this one as well brilliant photography. " Our " Nanook and her dad. xx

Nanook and her dad Charlie xx
Nanook xx >>
Posted: 28th September 2015

This picture was taken by Tom Duffin last night in Edinburgh of Nanook looking over the town when the moon was rising. One for your album I hope.

Certainly is Charles thank, you so much so thought I would share it on here xx.
Brilliant photography XX

Nanook xx
Food donation's >>
Posted: 29th August 2015

Frank and myself would like to thank everyone who donates food to our boxes in Morrisson's Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath it is very much appreciated.

Lovely day with Family xx >>
Posted: 16th August 2015

Had a lovely Sunday afternoon with some of our family

Lovely day with Family xx
Meet Tommy AKA ‘Pip’! >>
Posted: 24th August 2015

The following is an article from T H March where a wee Jack Russel called Piper (now Pip) was adopted from Second Chance, Look how well he's done!

Well done Pip from all of us here at Second Chance xx.


TH March

It’s official - we have found our new T H March mascot! Thank you somuch to all the kind dog lovers out there who took the time to enter their wonderful canine companions into our competition. We received entries from far and wide and we genuinely loved all of them! It was a very close-run competition but eventually Pip, a rescue dog from Scotland, emerged as the winner. Pip’s owner, Iona, told us: "We got Pip (Piper) about 18 months ago from the Second Chance rescue kennels in Fife

TH March

They had his picture on their website, as one of their ‘Homeless Hounds’. When we first got him, he’d try and drink tea from your mug! He also couldn’t walk down the stairs. He could climb up but would end up having to roll back down again. It took a few tries to master a slightly more normal technique! My favourite thing about him is the warm, waggy welcome I get when I come home from work. When anyone’s feeling a bit down, Pip will snuggle into them and try and cheer them up. He loves to play and has endless enthusiasm and energy! He and my son enjoy rough and tumble games in the garden and he loves long walks in the countryside too. Everyone thinks their dog is special, but we all love Pip and know how lucky we were to find him."

TH March

We’re so happy Pip has finally found his forever home, and with his new career in show business, his future looks brighter than ever! Well done Pip! Our sincerest thanks to all the wonderful owners and their dogs who took part in our ‘Find Tommy’ competition.

Drum Roll Please. >>
Posted: 6th August 2015

Finally got a total for Bark in the Park.

£2830-50p plus wee Ashley's pocket money £8-85 bless, which makes a total of £2839-35.Just had another £196-00 ( thank you Kairyn & Jen) which makes £3035-35. Thanks to all who donated prizes and to everyone who came along on the day.

Thanks to all our volunteers / to all the firms and the public who donated prizes and to everyone and their dogs who came along on the day to support us. Our heartfelt thanks. Here's to next year !!

Sasha wins Best Second Chance Dog 2015 xx. >>
Posted: 27th July 2015

Well done to Sasha who won Best Second Chance Dog 2015. To say her folks were over the moon was an understatement. Very happy for them. xx

Sasha wins Best Second Chance Dog 2015 xx.
Ashley Nealon x >>
Posted: 27th July 2015

This lovely young lady came along to Bark in the Park with her family, bless her she had saved her pocket money and brought £8-85 along on the day to donate to the dogs. Thank you very much Ashley x

Ashley Nealon x
Dog Show Classes. >>
Posted: 19th July 2015

These are the classes for the Dog Show at Bark in the Park on Sunday 26th July at Lochore Meadows Country Park. Lochgelly.

All dogs welcome but mind and bring your human's lol. You will have a great day family day out if you love your dogs !!

You must pick up after your dogs please bags can be had at the caravan. Thank you !!

Dog Show Classes.
Bark in the Park 2015 >>
Posted: 26th April 2015

K107 will be coming along on the day and doing a live broadcast.

Some things that will be happening on the day.

Balloon Race sponsored by Balloons at Hallmark ( thanks to Yvonne and Debbie and their volunteers for the day) What happens you buy a balloon for a pound your name and address go on one part of the balloon, which is kept safely the other part is fixed to the balloon and at the end of Bark in the Park all the balloons are released, its a fantastic sight I love it. We then need to depend on people finding a balloon and sending it in. Yvonne and Debbie are very kindly donating three vouchers to spend in their Hallmark shops in Cowdenbeath and Dunfermline.£100 / £50 /£25.

Terrier racing with Ore Terriers / agility with Kairyn / Fly Ball with Carnegie Canines and The Flying Scots, wee competition going on here. thanks Michelle. Fun Dog show thanks to Sue Forrester who is running this for us this year.Heelwork to music, thanks Barbara, Police dogs thanks to police Scotland and Remus ponies will be along too thanks guys.There will be shows for the children ( thanks Jim ) Lots of stalls.

Bark in the Park 2015
Roof has been done !!! >>
Posted: 16th July 2015

Frank and myself would like to thank everyone who donated to our " roof fund " we are so grateful.

Gary and " Ned " worked really hard, thank you both so much.This is them up on the roof !!

Roof has been done !!!
Hazel & Vic x >>
Posted: 11th July 2015

Lovely surprise this afternoon Hazel and Vic came along with a donation from Spiritual Light Within, thank you all very much it is very much appreciated.

What a lovely couple, we had a chat and a laugh, really lightened up the afternoon, of course the wee lad had his photo taken as well xx xx

Hazel & Vic x
Thanks to Springfield Primary School >>
Posted: 30th June 2015

Thanks to Keeley, Eden (both P5) and Miss Wood for bringing in some hand knitted blankets for our dogs. Also thanks goes to the rest of the knitting club (including Miss Spence and Mrs Barlow) for all your hard work.


Here are Keeley and Eden getting their picture taken with Roxy xx

Thanks to Springfield Primary School
Michelle Leo & Alfie xx >>
Posted: 8th June 2015

Thanks to Michelle and her team at Sky, for raising £91-00 for the kennels, it is very much appreciated. This is her with Wee Alfie and Leo xx.

Michelle Leo & Alfie xx
Posted: 6th June 2015


For now, due to the sheer amount of dogs I am hearing about with the same/similar illness i.e sickness and diarrheoa virus which goes on to aggressively attack all organs and has resulted in serious illness and death please be very careful where you walk your dog. Some cases have been reported after walking at ravenscraig park and west wemyss beach/coastal path along with other areas. This is a horrible virus and wouldn't wish it on any dog.

Remember any signs please contact your vet for advice.


Charlie Kane >>
Posted: 21st May 2015

We received a visit from Chic's family who handed in a donation from the funeral collection of Charlie Kane for the sum of £170.00. Charlie loved all dogs and had numerous dogs to keep him company throughout his life. Thanks from all at Second Chance Kennels for thinking of us at this difficult time x

Chic's family came back today 1st June with another £120-00 thank you so very much x

Charlie Kane
Jamie Milan ( Fife Flyers ) and Abbie Murray xx >>
Posted: 19th March 2015

Jamie Milam from Fife Flyers came for a visit to get some hands on with our dogs and puppies, as he misses his own dogs back home. So think he had fun walking Mika and Izzy our Spaniel and had lots of cuddles from the puppies.This is Jamie Abbie and of course Wee Alfie.Was nice to meet him xxxx

Jamie Milan ( Fife Flyers ) and Abbie Murray xx  Jamie Milan ( Fife Flyers ) and Abbie Murray xx
Jamie Milan ( Fife Flyers ) and Abbie Murray xx  Jamie Milan ( Fife Flyers ) and Abbie Murray xx
Burns Pet Nutrition Ayrshire x >>
Posted: 3rd March 2015

Michelle please send our sincere thanks to Burns Pet Nutrition Ayrshire for being so kind and donating bags of Burns dog food to us. This is really so very much appreciated and we thank you for thinking of Second Chance Kennels and the dogs love it !!

Burns Pet Nutrition Ayrshire x
Culture Fitness Club ! >>
Posted: 22nd February 2015

Thanks to Caroline and all the members who participated in the relay, they raised £200-00 for the kennels very much appreciated guys. x

Culture Fitness Club !  Culture Fitness Club !
Broken Lance CW club. >>
Posted: 18th December 2014

Another lovely surprise can't believe how kind people are, we received another cheque for £300 from the Broken Lance Club in Thornton we were one of three lucky charity's to benefit Thanks to everyone who helped raise this money it is very much appreciated and we had a lovely night down at the club, took Frank and myself back quite a few years as we used to run the Wells Fargo CW Club in Sylvesters Dunfermline. So anyone looking for Line dancing Thornton hall every second Saturday, who knows we might see you there.

Broken Lance CW club.
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